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ISMBS 2019

Plenary Lectures

ISMBS 2019 Plenary Lectures 

Cross-linguistic influence and task-effects in the acquisition of L2 intonation
Laura Colantoni, University of Toronto (here)

Acquiring two languages in early childhood: the role of the input
Annick De Houwer, University of Erfurt (here

Foreign accent in native speakers - the case of heritage speakers
Tanja Kupisch, University of Konstanz (here)

Acquired speech disorders across languages: mapping current research and its implications
Nicole Müller, University College Cork (here), Martin J. Ball, Bangor University (here), Yunjung Kim, Louisiana State University (here), Christina Kuo, James Madison University (here

Acquisition of Chinese in bilingual and multilingual contexts
Virginia Yip, Chinese University of Hong Kong (here)