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   ISMBS 2022

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Demosthenes - ISMBS

ISMBS 2022

The International Symposium on Monolingual and Bilingual Speech is a biennial conference hosting original research on the acquisition and use of first language, second language, bilingual, and dialectal speech, child and adult, normal and disordered. The Symposium encourages a multidisciplinary exchange of ideas across phonology, phonetics, morphology, syntax, psycholinguistics, cognitive linguistics, clinical phonetics and linguistics, speech pathology, acoustics, neurolinguistics, gestural language, educational linguistics, and the application of new technologies. Theoretical, experimental, observational, and computational contributions are welcome.

ISMBS 2022 will take place on 6-9 April 2022 at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL) (Université des Acadiens et Créoles) (here). This will be a hybrid conference with both on site and virtual presentations and events. More information soon.

thousand oak at ULL

This is the 4th ISMBS conference following ISMBS 2015 (here), ISMBS 2017 (here), and ISMBS 2019 (here).


Easy Chair

ISMBS 2022 would like to welcome you to the land of Cajuns:

[arˈkas] → [akaˈdiã] → [kaˈdjã] → [ˈkædjã] → [keɪˈʤã] → Cajuns [ˈkheɪʤənz]

From etymological Arcadia (Greece), to the French speaking Acadia (Canada) to the bilingual English-Louisiana French Acadiana (Southern Louisiana, USA), the idyllic but not idle University of the Acadians (Cajuns), pinned on the lapel of Lafayette, is proud of the long history and unique culture of the place itself and its people. This is a history and culture that spreads out into the future high and low, far and wide in all directions, much like the branches of the Thousand Oaks that embrace it on campus.

Including remarkable wildlife, there is much to see, hear, and taste at ULL that is brimming with joie de vivre (joy of living) and envie (hunger), saying fortiter, feliciter, fideliter (boldly, happily, faithfully). Come join us to to discuss Monolingual and Bilingual Speech topics, and take home a memory 'highlight' of 'this almost undiscovered emerald of the old south'. C'est tout. Allons!

We hope that your visit and participation in the conference will prove stimulating, fruitful, and enjoyably memorable, as in Demosthenes' words 'small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises'. 

Plenary Lectures 

Ruth Bahr, University of South Florida (here)

Viorica Marian, Northwestern University (here)

Silvina Montrul, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (here)

Janna B. Oetting, Louisiana State University (here)

Special Lecture
Nicole Müller, University College Cork (here), Martin J. Ball, Bangor University (here

Phon Workshop
Yvan Rose, Memorial University of Newfoundland (here)

The Martin J. Ball Award (here)
The award is given for the best student paper presented at the International Symposium on Monolingual and

Bilingual Speech.

Submission of full papers is optional. Full papers are welcome to be submitted after the Symposium (by 30 June 2022) for publication in special issues of the Journal of Monolingual and Bilingual Speech (Equinox Publishing) (here). Brief articles (4-5 pages/2,500-3,500 words) may be submitted after the symposium, by 30 June 2022, for publication in the Proceedings of the International Symposium on Monolingual and Bilingual Speech 2022.



International Scientific Committee (here)

Organizing Committee (here)

Important Dates

Abstract submission by: 1 December 2021
Notification of Acceptance: 2 January 2022

ISMBS 2022 Flyer

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