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ISMBS 2015


ISMBS 2015 Publications

The ISMBS 2015 Proceedings are posted here. The file opens easier with Internet Explorer or Chrome.  

Selected papers appear in:

Babatsouli, E. & Ingram, D. (eds.) (January 2018), Phonology in protolanguage and interlanguage. Sheffield, UK: Equinox Publishing (here).

Babatsouli, E., Ingram, D. & Müller, N. (eds.) (December 2017), Crosslinguistic encounters in language acquisition: Typical and atypical development. Bristol, UK: Multilingual Matters (here).

Babatsouli, E. & Ingram, D. (guest eds.) (2016). 'Monolingual and bilingual speech across languages'. Special journal issue in Poznan Studies in Contemporary Linguistics, 52 (4) (here).