ICPC 2018 Symposium in honor of David Ingram 








A special symposium on Typical and Atypical Development in Child Speech was organized in honor of Emeritus Professor David Ingram of Arizona State University (here).  

Symposium participants were:

Margaret Kehoe (here)
'Seeking cross-linguistic interaction in French bilingual phonological development'

Nicole Müller (here)
'Where phonology meets morphology in the context of rapid language change and universal bilingualism: The case of language development in Irish'

Anna Sosa (here)
'Predicting short-term speech sound normalization in English speaking preschoolers using lexical-phonological profiling'

Dimitrios Sotiropoulos (here)
'Ingram's PMLU and Nice's MLUw'

A. Lynn Williams (here)
'A taxonomy for phonological intervention'

Elena Babatsouli
'Bilingual child processing of consonant addition at vowel-initial words'

Emeritus Professor David Ingram