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   ISMBS 2022 (was 2021) from Chania to Cajun land

spring starts early (February) here!
Demosthenes - ISMBS

ISMBS 2017

Comments on ISMBS 2017 

'I had such a good experience at ISMBS 2017, made a lot of contacts and their feedbacks are very helpful to my future projects. Thank you so much for the wonderful organization.'  CH

'Thank you for giving us an audience in such a warm and friendly environment-- you manage to put together events that make people feel seen and heard and appreciated. Bravo!'  EN

'Thank you again for a wonderful conference. You all worked very hard to make it a great experience.'  LC

'I wanted to thank you once again very warmly for all your tremendous commitment to make ISMBS an unforgettable conference. Thank you so much for having shared with us not only days of great scientific interest, but also moments of musical and  cultural interest as well as escapes out of Chania to show us some of the extraordinary beauties of the Cretan island.'  AD

'Thanks very much for the absolutely fabulous conference!! Everything was so well organized, the talks were great, the outings memorable and the food was delicious. Not to mention the beautiful venue and breathtaking place ...'  YR

'Thanks for organizing another wonderful conference. Special thanks for your warm welcome.'  LC

'Thank you. It was a great conference and a magical place, and you selfless hosts. It’s been a long day of travel but well worth it.'  JA

'Thank you for a wonderful symposium in Chania last week. The scientific program was both interesting and very inspiring, and the social program was lovely too. We really enjoyed it.'  LK

'I also would like to thank the ISMBS organizing committee, especially Dr. Babatsouli for this excellent and insightful conference once again.'  NF

'Thanks again for the wonderful time I had in Chania! The conference was very inspiring and relaxing as well.' BP

'Thank you very much for organizing such an interesting conference. I have enjoyed it a lot.'  BD

'Thank you (again) for organizing such a stimulating and pleasant meeting in Chania. '  GL

'Thank you for organizing such a good conference - it was excellent in so many ways.'  MP

'Thank you very much for the opportunity to present my research at the ISMBS 2017. It was a great conference, and Chania is such a wonderful place to visit.'  JN

'Thank you very much for organizing that wonderful event! I am really glad I was part of it.'  TA

'Thank you for organizing the ISMBS in Crete, it was an amazing experience.'  GL

'Thank you again for the wonderful conference. I'm really looking forward to the next one!'  EZ